Strategies provide the foundation to guide action towards achieving a long-term or overall objective. At the Beef Collective we believe it is important you can access a number of strategic options to ensure the best possible fit with your operation, always safe in the knowledge that these are based on the application of the best information and science available today

Intensive Farming


Intensive beef farming represents systems where the ability for cattle to roam is limited. The main goals are diet optimization and maximum growth efficiency throughout the production stages. Intensive systems are often characterized by higher inputs (e.g. labour, infrastructure, and capital), these same inputs often lend the intensive system increased opportunities for optimization, such as increased efficiency and profitability, and sustainability opportunities, such as utilizing food industry by-products.


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Semi Intensive


Beef production bridges the gap between pure intensive and pure extensive systems. It involves a period at grass, often with supplementation, and combines both extensive and intensive management practices. Backgrounding is one example, where cattle maintain access to forage, through grazing, and are also feed a low-intake supplement with the goal of maximising growth and increasing the productivity per area of land use.


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Extensive Farming


Extensive beef farming systems are largely characterised by grazing based systems (natural pastures, permanent grasslands, non-arable land) that use comparatively lower inputs of labour and investment coupled with a larger amount of land utilization. Cattle in these systems have some autonomy over grazing, consumption of water and shelter. A different set of opportunities, and contribution to sustainability, exist for this system.


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