Abomasal emptying rate of diarrhoeic and healthy suckling calves fed with oral rehydration solutions



The aim of the study was to determine the abomasal emptying rate (AER) of calves suffering from naturally occurring diarrhoea compared with that of healthy calves. Furthermore, the effects of an oral rehydration solution (ORS) mixed into milk replacer on the AER were determined. Acetaminophen absorption test (APAT) was performed to estimate the AER. Sixty Holstein-Frisian calves (age < 14 days) were included in the study and divided into groups as follows: healthy calves (H; n = 16), healthy calves fed with ORS (HORS; n = 14), diarrhoeic calves (D; n = 15) and diarrhoeic calves fed with ORS (DORS; n = 15). For the APAT, the calves were fed 2 L of milk replacer containing 50 mg acetaminophen (AP)/kg body weight. Venous blood samples were collected before and after milk replacer and AP intake in 30-60 min intervals for 12 hr. During the APAT, no significant differences in median maximum acetaminophen concentration (Cmax ) were observed among all groups. Time to reach maximum acetaminophen concentration (Tmax ) in DORS (median 390 min, 25/75 quartiles: 300/480 min) was significantly higher compared with that in H (median: 270 min 25/75 quartiles: 210/315 min) and HORS (median: 300 min (25/75 quartiles: 240/360 min). Non-linear regression revealed that the calculated abomasal half-life (AP t1/2 ) tended to be delayed in DORS (median: 652 min, 25/75 quartiles: 445/795 min, p = .10). The area under the AP curve values (AUC) from 0 to 120 min and 0 to 240 min of the observation period were significantly higher in H than D and DORS. In conclusion, significant differences in the AER indices reflected delayed abomasal emptying in diarrhoeic calves. Furthermore, the hypertonic ORS tended to have an additive delaying impact on the AER, which needs attention for the feeding management of diarrhoeic calves.

J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl) ;104(2):462-469

Thomas Hildebrandt, et al.

by Thomas Hildebrandt on 13.01.2020

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Hildebrandt, 2019 Abomasal emptying rate of diarrhoeic and healthy suckling