Now more than ever it is important we address topics and discussions head-on, with balance, and an open mind. Through our Impact content, we look to engage on the tough topics and shed new light and acknowledge where the opportunities are for an even bringhter tomorrow, thanks to beef.

We believe that having an open dialogue on both sides of the production and consumption equation provides a clearer picture for everyone.



For over 10,000 years beef farming has played a central role in our communities, and social evolution. Beef farming, and related industries, provide the livelihood for millions of people, and nutrition for millions more, around the world.

Whether it is the impact on our communities, farmers' lives, the unique beef animal, facts or stories to share around the bbq or dinner table, we have some interesting articles for you!


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Ruminants are unquestionably unique. From their ability to up-cycle carbon sources like pasture, food production byproducts and resources from non-arable land, converting them into highly nutritious protein. This uniqueness places them central to the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) and further reinforces why they have been an integral part of all societies, throughout time.


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